His Birthday Dinner at Cilantro

So we celebrated it in Cilantro. The highest restaurant in Jakarta. I’ve been to this restaurant several times. But for him, it is his first time. Unfortunately,I had a small problem with the staff in Cilantro before dinner. Well, I told this problem earlier to meto. So her goes my story and review..

Actually he was the one who make the reservation (which I regret, it should have been me who did it). And after he made the reservation, I called Cilantro. I ordered birthday cake for him. And I specially requested for their staff to sing a long ‘Birthday Song’ when they bring out the cake. It should be a surprise. But the staff their forgot my other special request, which is not to confirm this ‘cake thing’ to him.

And yes, they called Amir to confirm about the ‘birthday cake’. It just soo stupid. How can a fancy restaurant like Cilantro made this stupid..stupid.. mistake. Huhuhu.. They spoiled my surprise.

I had a fight with the staff there after they spoiled my surprise. Ouwh.. my temper.. but I feel very miserable (and yes I exaggerating this.. ) . After that blow, I really felt bad to him. And I despise Cilantro a lot. Almost canceled our reservation there. But he really want to go there. So I bold my heart to go there..

Btw, the staff had already apologize to me personally before our dinner. So I feel a lot better. We arrived there at 07:00 PM. And they greet us very friendly..

They put us in a very nice table, where we can view protocol street of Jakarta at night. We ordered 3 main course for us. Hong Kong Roasted Duck (88k IDR), “Nenek Moyang” Bean Curd (Tahu Nenek Moyang, 75k IDR ), Prawn Oatmeal (84k IDR) and for drink we ordered the famous Cilantro Ice Tea (25k IDR). Cilantro Ice Tea is a mix between tea, mint, lemon and green apple. It’s very refreshing. And if you see the portion, the glass is huge.

Cilantro Ice Tea

Well we didn’t have to wait very long for our food. That’s good because I was starving. Wehehehe.. The portion of the food is quite large. The waitress offer to take picture of us before we started eating. Very generous of her. Btw, despite of my complaint earlier about the staff in Cilantro’s reservation. I can say that the waitresses who served us, has done very excellent job. Very friendly and cooperative. Maybe because my incident earlier? Or maybe because they don’t put any service charge in their bill. Yes, I believe Cilantro encourage their customer to tip their waitresses. Cause I remember the last time I visit Cilantro the service is so so. But maybe they have make progress to their service. Overall we really satisfied with their service.

our candle light dinner

Anyway, back to the food. Well let me review the Prawn Oatmeal. This is delicious. They fried prawn with oatmeal. Taste is sweet and tasty. He also said that he satisfied enough to eat the oatmeal with rice. Hihihi.. I really like this prawn oatmeal. Yumm..yumm

Udang Gandum

Next food is “Nenek Moyang” Bean Curd. It is like fried Japanese tofu which covered with dry seaweed, they mix it with mushroom and baby kailan and oyster sauce. Very healthy and very delicious.

Tahu Nenek Moyang

And the last is Hong Kong Roasted Duck. Oh my God.. They really improve for this menu. They took all the bone from the duck, so it’s boneless. The duck meat is very juicy and the duck skin is very crispy. It really reminds me of Roasted Duck of The Bone, my family and I used to have it for dinner weekend in Manchester, UK.

Hongkong Roasted Duck

Well after we finished eating. Hehehe.. The waitresses gathered around us and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. They also brought out the mouse chocolate cake with candle on top of it. Hihihi.. He looked really happy, and I thanked for them to participate.

my birthday boy and his cake

Overall it’s a very nice dinner. Hope he enjoyed the night as much as I did.. 🙂 Btw, lucky for him that Cilantro have promotion 35% discount on this month. So, our total damage is 239,525 IDR. Wehehehe..

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