Life Goes On..

and on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. and on..

It is just natural. Somehow, when people already in their comfort zone, they tend to stick to that zone. They refuse to realize that this wheel of the world is still keep turning. When they face into some changes or even slightly changes, some of them embrace it and realize that it will come, but some of them tend to have lack of realization and refuse to move on. They knew it will come but somehow ignore it and start bitching about it.

Oh well so this is for sure :

People will move on with their life. People will have their own new life. People will pay attention more to his/her family after some stage. And that is just natural.

But whatever changes that happen in near future. People will keep hold on to something that have brought up good in them. Something that built their personality and keep them hold true to themselves. Something that is his/her anchor and strength to continue this life. And that is also natural..

Aah.. just some thought on this lazy Friday afternoon..

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