The Warmest Heart

A long time ago
When everything was so grey and unpleasant
I dreamt of a heart
A heart whose warmth spread across my universe

The Warmest Heart
That’s what I called
A ray of hope
That’s what people called

Long before I can feel its present
Long before that I’ve been numb
And one day..
It came to approach me

A happiness that I felt strange
Reality that took all of my gravity
And makes me wonder..
How can everything fall into this ?

I felt like waking up from my long sleep..
The air is light and crisp..
I can smell sweetness of cinnamon
And that hope is not lost after all..

The Warmest Heart I’ve found..
The Warmest Heart I’ve owned..
The Warmest Heart I’ve kept..
And all the happiness in the world..


Sebenarnya dulu aku lumayan produktif bikin puisi. Tapi sudah 3 tahun belakangan ini jarang banget. Ini puisi aku yang terakhir, dan kurang lebih puisi ini menggambarkan perasaan aku kepada si Mas. Rasanya pantas kalau aku posting ulang di blog kita ini.. 🙂

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