I do feel misunderstood..

I do feel like I’m fading away..

I do feel like I don’t know who I am..

I do feel like I don’t know what I want..

I do feel like the world refuse me..

I do feel like I’m alone..

But then.. I know for sure that it’s just my feeling.. The truth is.. You stand by me all the time.. For my every best.. For my every worst.. Even tough I try to refuse you.. I try to push you away.. You keep coming back to me.. And pulling me back in your arms..

You’ve given faith in me.. No matter what.. No matter happen.. You give your oath to stand by me.. To protect me.. To comfort me.. To be my friend.. And you promise me forever and ever together..

Still long way to go dear love.. But you give me courage to believe.. In your eyes I see that I will never be alone anymore..

~well,Idofeelromantictoday.. 😀

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