I’m Back To My Zen..

Well honestly, today, I was very un-Zen. I was very cranky and very upset about everything. I feel very tired, and that is because of the chaotic weekend. I got problem with my wedding souvenir. My fiancee left me for experia (it’s metaphor ) . My family misunderstood me. And I got my PMS.

Just a nightmare feeling, because I can not reveal all of my feelings. On those days are family day. Saturday I went watching Kungfu Panda with him and my family. And on Sunday I went to his family gathering. So I must pull off my crankyness (is that a word ?!?) and put smile in my face. Damn I hate faking off. But I must.

And today is the worst. So busy at work and I can even breathe and think. Arrggh.. And I feel that everything is just wrong. Hix.. I never felt this un-Zen before. Totally screwed..

But in the end everything went better. I finally solved my new work. Yeayy.. My wedding souvenir problem already solved also. And I already kiss and make up with my fiancee. Well, I guess I’m back to my Zen now..

One thought on “I’m Back To My Zen..

  1. evy says:

    wah beneran nih tante dide mau meritt…
    wow..selamat ya tan:)
    zikra doain smua lancarrr:)

    ayo ayo kesini dong liat zikra dan bunda;)


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