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Last Saturday I went watching Dark Knight with my fiancee at EX. Well, the movie is fantastic and also horrible. The Joker is SICK, and I totally hate it, which is mean Heath Ledger did his job pretty damn well. I love the movie but I don’t want to watch it again. To many sadness on it.. One time is enough..

After we finished watching the movie, we kinda hungry, so we strolled along EX and Plaza Indonesia to find somewhere to eat and dine. And we find En Japanese Dining with Mandiri Card 50% Promotion in front of the door. Humm interesting. Without second thought we went inside.

The restaurant’s interior is very nice. Everything is asymetrical. But the restaurant is very intimate and shopisticated. Well, I definitely will not eat there if not because of the promotion. Hehehehe..

When we looked of the menu, we kinda dazzled by the price. Quite pricey. Almost every food is over 40k IDR. Glukk. But what the hell, we haven’t had a pretty nice dinner after quite a while. Hehehe.. It’s ok to loosen up our belt sometimes..

We ordered Wakame Salad for starter (40k IDR), Grilled Chiken KuroKosh (52k IDR), Double Salmon Roll (58k IDR) and Salmon Skin Roll (52k IDR). All the food we ordered are the chef recommended. The food was served pretty quick. They didn’t make us wait long. Mmm excellent.

Wakame Salad came first. And I got to say, that it was the best Wakame Salad I ever tasted. They put like “teri asin” on the salad and it tasted very unique and tasty. I love it..

And then the Rolls came out. First the Double Salmon Roll and next is Salmon Skin Roll. For the rolls I can say it’s kinda average. Not that special enough for us. I personally, still loved Poke Sushi Roll. And for the average taste, the price is very unworthy.

And the last is Grilled Chicken Kurokosh. Well it’s kinda like grilled chicken with black and pepper sauce. From the look, maybe it’s not that special. But you must smell the food. It was good. And after we tested.. Oh My God.. It was heaven. Best grilled chicken so far. They grilled it perfectly. Very juicy and all the fat in the chicken blended perfectly with the sauce. Oowh so yummy. It’s a MUST have !!

Overall the restaurant is a very nice restaurant. The service is excellent. But after we got the bill, well no wonder the service was excellent, they charged 7.5% for the service charge. Wehehehe. Owh well, I love to came back to this restaurant, but not without 50% promotion.. Hehehehe…

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