Me Likey Honda Freed !!

This will released on 2009. Cross fingers !!  Hopefully the price is slightly above Honda Jazz 2008. And not as expensive as City 2009.. Yup, they will also release the new City.. After my previous post about me wanting Honda Jazz. I think Honda Freed will suit us more than Jazz..

Just take a look at this picture. Isn’t it adorable. It look like a bigger Jazz version and a smaller version of Alphard. Sliding doors and it has up to 8 seater.  It will be perfect for us !!

I do want this soo bad !! Can’t wait.. Baby, please kindly buy this one for me.. *wink..wink..

4 thoughts on “Me Likey Honda Freed !!

  1. Anggraini Widjanarti says:

    Stream tahun kapan niih say ? Kalau Stream baru ya ga mungkin lah. Wong di Jepangnya sendiri harganya jauuh di bawah Stream yang baru ko. Dan Stream yang baru kalau gak salah semahal Civic gitu deh..
    Di Jepangnya sendiri harganya kalau di convert sekitar 178jt.. Tinggal menunggu kebijaksanaan Honda Indonesia saja.. *Crossfinger.. 🙂
    Anyway.. I Think it’s quite a keeper for us. Daripada Avanza lagi dan dengan rem tromolnya. Wekekekeke.. 😆


  2. Lia says:

    iya katanya emang di jepang 178juta, nah kata temen gw bisa 150% naeknya hehe… stream model lama kali yaaa.. kalo harganya 178jt jg di indonesia… mantapppp tuh………
    ikutan dunk gw indent hehe..


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