Right Now, I’m Addicted to..

Gossip Girl Season 2

..good morning upper east sider..  yeayy.. truly guilty pleasure..

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11

..you’ve got another blonde bithcy girl, a hoocilicious, the gorgeous ice skater, cute French girl and the most sensational, the transgender he/she.. Whaat ? Hehehe.. that makes the show even interesting.. Will wait for it every week, streaming from youtube..

Various PC Games like Diner Dash, Pastry Passion, Jojo’s Fashion Show, Wedding Dash, Sally’s Spa and Monopoly.. 😉

And of course.. Mr. Karimuddin..

..yaah kalau yang terakhir mah always and forever yaaah.. Ailafuu bebikuwwh.. Mwuaaah..

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