After Our CD Shopping..

Last weekend is quite a blast. I went breakfast to f(x) with my fiancee. We ate at Cafe Cartel. And just enjoying the morning together. I love it. I really love having breakfast with him. Maybe because I’m a morning person. So I’m in my top of my game every morning.. ^o^

He had sausage and mushroom omellete. And I  had chef special salad. I love the salad. The portion was big and yummy. After we had our breakfast, we went around f(x). We stopped at the music store Sciete. I said to him I wanted the new Dee Lestari’s CD Rectoverso. Dunno why, maybe I’m under the influence of the Rectoverso’s commercial at Hard Rock FM.

It’s been a while since my last visit to Music Store. I remember, the last time I went there I bought Mamma Mia Soundtrack and Jason Mraz. Yesterday I saw so many new album. From James Morrison, Daniel Powter, JackJohnson and etc. It’s soo tempting. I want it all, but I must choose.

So here is the result. We bought :

  1. Rectoverso – Dewi Dee Lestari
  2. Yes, I’m under the influence of the commercial.. So I want to buy this so much..

  3. The Block – New Kids On The Block
  4. You can despise me. But admit it, they are a legend. First boyband in the world.. 😀 Huehehehehe…

  5. Greatest Hits – The Roxette
  6. I used to have the cassette. But I lost it. And when I saw the CD suddenly all the Roxette’s songs played in my head. Oh well, for the sake of the 90s. I must this CD..

  7. Evolver – John Legend
  8. John Legend is a MUST on my dictionary. And btw, the single Green Light is a refreshing tunes. I need the John Legend mood to boost up my energy..

Wehehehe.. Oh well what a list right ? Overall I’m satisfied with it. They’ve charged my Monday pretty well.

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