Eat All You Can at Cardamon

First time I saw this restaurant, honestly, I didn’t feel intriguing to try at all. He once asked me to try it . But I hesitate. And then last Monday my friend emailed me about Cardamon review from her friend. The review said all the good things about Cardamon, and then it made me want to go to Cardamon to break my fasting.  Yes, I was in my Monday-Thursday fasting routine.

The Cardamon is said to have this ‘Eat All You Can Eat’ concept, which is different from ‘All You Can Eat’ concept. They said that they care more about the quality of the food, and not only about the quantity. It located in Grand Indonesia West Mall. I forget the floor but it one floor above Takigawa.

When we got there, they put us in sofa near the window. The ambiance is pretty romantic I may say. And they have a pretty nice playlist. Oldies love song which suit perfectly with the interior. Unfortunately, the sofa position is kinda weird, it’s kinda hard to mobilize myself to go in and out of the sofa.  Oh well, after we sit, the waitress asked us about the buffet package which we want to take. There are 3 buffet package. Buffet Number 1: free hot tea and hot coffe (75k IDR/pax), Buffet Number 2: free hot tea, hot coffe, ice lemon tea and black current ice tea (85k IDR /pax) and Buffet Number 3: (including juice and lot more choices of drinks). I’m sorry I forgot the price for buffet number 3.

We chose Buffet Number 1 (of course). Because I was really hungry, I went straight to the buffet. First menu I tried is sushi. I took Kani Sushi, Tamago Sushi, California Roll and Salmon Sushi. The taste of the rice is a little bit too sweet. They put the vinegar on the rice a little bit too much. I don’t like it. And next I tried the continental menu. Sadly, the ribs (which said on the review pretty damn good) is not provided on week days. Damn It !!! And then when we asked about the dim sum, they gave us the same answer. Huh.. It’s really dissapointing.

Oh well, my choice went straigt to roast chicken. I add the chicken with BBQ sauce and Mushroom Sauce. And then I also tried the Sauted Herb Potato (which they claimed, on of their best recipe). The chicken is so so. It’s dried and not juicy. And the potato is also tasteless for me. Not that special. After the continental menu, I tried another menu. Such as Sapo Tahu, Beef Stem, Chinese Mixed Vegetables and Fried Fish Fillet. I only like the Fried Fish Fillet. The rest is so so. Not that special, and kinda tasteless and dissapointing, like Sapo Tahu, they don’t use the usual Sapo Tahu I knew (which is round and very tender).

I started to wonder how that review is very wrong. And then I tried to order several menu. It still include on the buffet list, but we need to order first. I ordered Oxtail Fried Rice, Salty fish Fried Rice and Javanese Boiled Noodles (Mie Rebus Jawa). Owh, about the Javanese Boiled Noodles, It’s so weird, they made the Javanese Noodles with 3 choices. Which is using either Egg, Chicken or Seafood. The original Javanese Noodles, they put Egg and Chicken along side with the noodles. But in Cardamon, they’ve made is as a choices and we can not combine the selection. We must order Javanese Noodles with Egg or with Chicken. But can not be both. Silly I think, if they did that, they shouldn’t claim it as Javanese Noodles. I know.. I know.. It’s their kinda fushion menu. But I still don’t like it. And the worst of it, we finally ordered with chicken but they gave us Javanese Noodles with Egg. Sigh.. They gave the noodles on this small cup and the taste is also tasteless..

But I can say their Fried Rice is pretty damn good. I love the Oxtail Fried Rice and Salty Fish Fried Rice. Especially the Oxtail Fried Rice. The richness of shallot inside the fried rice really makes this fried rice is special. Worth to try and also must try.  I love it.. I love it..

After we tried almost all the main course. It is time for the dessert. For the dessert I tried the Fried Banana with Brown Sugar. I think it’s superb. I also like it. The sweetness it’s ok. Another must try and Cardamon.

Overall this place I personally can say a little bit overrated. Not that to die for. But it’s ok if u want to take your friends there…

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