24 At Last..

Yes, today is my 24th birthday. Thank u all for the warm wishes and prayers for me.. I really appreciate it… ^_^

My fiancee surprised me by showed up very early in my house.. After I finished taking shower, there he is in front of the stairs with one gorgeous red rose in his hand wishing me a very happy birthday. And then not only that rose, he gave me also a present. One is a book I have longed to have. Eclipse.. Wehehehe.. And the other one is shopping voucher from MAP. It can be used in any stores of MAP (such as SOGO, SEIBU, Starbucks and of course.. ZARA and many others more).  Ahahahaha… It just made my day. I knew ZARA final sale is still on on the malls. So I can not wait to go there this weekend and having such a good shopping spree.. Yeaay.. ^_^


One thing I love is about what he said on my birthday card..  He said :

This is your last birthday before becoming my wife..

Aaaah.. that word.. A wife.. Yes.. this my last birthday being single.. It will be quite a change for me next year, and insyaAllah I already prepared myself for that. I’m very excited and grateful for everything. I always wanted to get maried before I turn 25. And insyaAllah I can fullfill my long term wish.

Hope I can be more wise this year and hope all of my dream can come true. Amien…

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