I Am Mrs. Karimuddin !!

It’s official 🙂

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. I’ve been busy adjusting myself to a new life with my precious hubby. For more about our wedding stories u can check into our fabulous lovejournal and if u want to see our stories as newly weds just check out our new blog ..

Enjoy reading… ^_^

5 thoughts on “I Am Mrs. Karimuddin !!

  1. Asti says:

    Hallo mba Anggi…

    Congratz ya bwt acara weddingnya…

    Oh ya ntar klo dah punya baby rencananya diasuh syapa…? emang di BI bisa pulang ontime jam 5.30 pm yach….?

    Ngga ada rencana skul lagee..? khan biasanya di BI musti lanjut skul lg khan?


    Anggraini Widjanarti Reply:



    Soal rencana kedepannya insyaAllah sudah ada plan di kepala kita. Tinggal implementasinya aja.. Kalau ada keterbatasan, insyaAllah bisa di work around. Tinggal pintarnya kita atur prioritas saja..


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