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Mr. D, my dear friends, talked to me yesterday about his so-called-wedding plan. He said to me, it is CANCELED. I was literally shocked. I mean I was so happy for him (although I haven’t met personally with his girlfriend back then) and also so excited for him. Oh well, after he said the news, I kinda worried about him, and asked him to meet up. Of course with hubby…

We had dinner and he told me about all of his stories. It is about her ego he said, and how she treated him unrespectfully.. I tried to understand him and I agree after all of he has been through, I think she always exaggerated everything between them and always create conflict from a tiny mini bitsy situation. It was beyond logic, he said, and we agreed..

The funny thing is, the story of him and his (ex)-girlfriend,kinda reminds me of how I treated hubby when we were engaged. I still have this huge ego that he must faced back then (till now). I always created conflict from simple things. And exaggerated it like drama queen. When I heard his story, I looked directly at hubby, and wonder how could he stand me back then ? I mean, sometimes I treated him like a jerk. Although he always be kind to me. When I asked him about this, he simply answered..

I know u didn’t mean everything u said when u’re in emotion tingling.. And I know u didn’t want to break up with me when u said the break up word. And the thing is darling, it’s only took a while until u apologized to me.. πŸ™‚ U always did that, and I know u will do that..

Oops.. Hehehehe.. He knows me too much. But yes, when I was being a jerk to him, I knew that was my EGO talked. I knew that was my PMS talked. And I knew I had never ever wanted to break up with him. That’s why, after those string of emotions leashed.. I always get a grip to my senses, and acknowledge to him that I was wrong. I never afraid to say I was wrong to him. Because, I don’t want to loose him. Because, he is worth it to me. And he’s all I need in this world.

And then I said these words to my dear friend, Mr. D:

If she doesn’t want to say sorry to you. It means that you’re not that worth it to her. It is not necesarrily saying sorry when you are wrong. But you will know when the situation is wrong, and if you want to fix it.. It can be started with sorry..Β  U did that all the time. And I don’t think u’re all wrong all the time.. People make mistakes, everyday.. It just how u try to accept and to compromise it. I mean.. marriage is all about making compromise.. There will be no space for EGO that huge, dear. If u stay with herΒ  and her attitude, u will get suffocated it someday.. I think u make a right decision. And I pray all the best for u. May God show u the best way.. And we will always stay around for u.. πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Mr. D’s Story

  1. hime says:

    huhuhu..iyya mba..perasaan aq juga sering jahat m calon suamiQ..
    tapi emg alhamdulillah cuma bentar krn pasti salah satu minta maaf…
    kesian juga y cowo’Q


  2. Hesti says:

    Nice words to say Anggi…and surely you’re not the only girl that do those ego thing to your spouse…me too and i really learn from your story…it really knock me out :D…it really inspiring :D….


  3. mrs.karimuddin says:

    iya sih say.. Yang penting ke depannya aku pengen mengurangi konflik2 yang suka gw ciptakan dengan ajaibnya.. πŸ™‚ Gak sekedar minta maaf, tapi kesadaran untuk gak kayak gitu harus lebih ditingkatkan lagi kayanya. Kalau ga kasian hubby ku yang sudah jadi Super HUbby buat akuuw.. πŸ™‚

    thank u say.. Semoga kita bisa jadi lebih baik lagi yaa..


  4. Wian says:

    Huhuhuu… bgitu baca postingan lo kali ini. Lgsg terlintas di pikiran gw, apa yg slama ini gw lakuin ke mas.but im glad, mas ku itu kadar sabarnya bener2 tinggiiii.. bgt.


  5. amalia says:

    huwaaaaaaaaaa…………. anggiiiii…. aku rasanya pengen nangis darah liat postingan inii.. samaa saaamaaaa sammaaa buangettt… bahkan sampe sekarang, sampe jadi suami pun..! Hihihihi.. bersyukur ? pasti.

    makasih ya udah diingetin ;D


  6. Icha says:

    Hiks..hiks…Nice story darliinggg…Thanks God yaaahh we found them & tentu ajaahh kita ga mau kehilangan mereka. Huhuhuhu gw jadi kangen my hubby ni say. Huhuhuhu…


    mrs.karimuddin Reply:

    loohh ur hubby lagi kemanaa ?


  7. Icha says:

    Oiyaaa, … Thanks for reminds me darliinggg…Moga2 kita nanti bisa jadi istri yang slalu belajar untuk lebih baeeee lagi. Amiiinnn…Muuuaahhh…;-*


  8. Astrid says:

    I like your blogs.. From your wed’s preparation and this blog also.. Saya baca dengan ketawa, senyum, dan (kadang) iri. You’re guys so fab.. you both are lucky person indeed.
    Dan waktu saya tahu, ternyata, umur kita tidak berbeda jauh. Waw, double-excited..
    Dunno, somehow, you remind me of my long-lost-bestie, hehehe.. mungkin sisi kedewasaan itu kali yah?..
    Dan tulisan ini, really had me knocked. Saya baru saja selesai berantem kecil dan karena ego kami masing2.. Sebel tapi lucu juga. And after I read this, I know how to overcome my ego and try more respect for his ego also..

    May God Bless you and hubby!


  9. mrs.karimuddin says:

    Hi Astrid..
    Thanks ya udah mampir ke blog kita.. πŸ™‚ Yups darling.. Ego memang harus di hadapi dan diatasi. Tapi kan kita menikah juga proses pendewasaan yah. Jadi sama-sama belajar kali yaa sama si hubby.. πŸ™‚
    Salam Kenal!


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