Star Trek Is Coming to Town!!

I am happy!! VERY!! After told by Andin (who actually the information is on today Kompas), that Star Trek is on this week Midnight!! Yeaayy.. Super yeayy!! The review was GREAT for this movie. So I can not hardly wait to watch it. Get ready to watch James Kirk and Mr. Spock. Kyahahahahaha…. 😆

So, plan for this week are :

  • Watching Star Trek for midnight!! (hope I can ask my brother to join us)
  • Having congee and dim Sum breakfast at Red Duck F(x)
  • Having another Sour Sally to boost up my mood..
  • Going to Pemuda
  • Playing another scrabbles with hubby
  • and some other undecided activities.. 🙂

I think that’s all for my our plan? I think I will skip shopping, cause I had enough last week.. 😀 So,what’s ur plan for this weekend?

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