Indonesia UNITE!!

Dear fellow Indonesian,

As u all aware of, our country had been attacked by explosions — created by several irresponsible (and inhumane) people 😯 . We were shocked and sad. Manchester United has canceled their visiting due to this accident. Stock exchange index plunged down. Travel warning has risen. But we are not AFRAID!!

This tragedy may aim to make fear of us and make us don’t believe on current governance. Yet, we have proven that they are WRONG!! We don’t buy this situation and we stand unite even better than ever!!

They forget that incident like this has gathered national pride spirit among us (especially young Indonesian 😀 ). In online way, we show our support against any threat by creating a Twitter movement, showing to the world that Indonesia  STAY STRONG and STILL EXIST. #INDONESIAUNITE now top twitter’s trending topics. Black ribbons is for yesterday, today we proud to wear red-and-white ribbons for our Indonesia!! Other cared Indonesian people create Facebook Pages and sites expressing this spirit spontaneously. 😎

Beside online, we would like to bring the movement in offline way. For example, some people are rising Indonesia’s red-and-white flag today, while some other people are promoting Indonesia’s tourism.

We are hoping that we can help Indonesia to gain their image back. We show to the world that Indonesia is still dangerously beautiful, save to be visited and has stable governance. Also it is clearly stated that Indonesian people STAND AGAINST TERRORISM!! 😡

Like John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do to your country“. We are currently in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, and we are PROUD that Indonesia has many beautiful places other than Bali. We are going to keep promoting this gorgeous place through our twitter and upcoming post in our blog to show our love and our support to our beloved Indonesia.

What would you like to do to support our country?

Best Regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Karimuddin

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3 thoughts on “Indonesia UNITE!!

  1. Alexander Abimanyu says:

    Thank you for supporting IndonesiaUnite and some of actions that you can do for now:

    Raise Indonesian flag full mast. Now. Not because you have to or because the tragedy happened, but because you CARE and PROUD. No terrorist can/shall/will take your nationalism
    Spend on local business. Keep up with your normal life and activities. That way, Indonesian economy will sustain and the world will see that we are not shaken
    Visit other cities, not only the main tourism spots, but places you hardly visit, take pictures, show the world the beautiful Indonesia
    Start to convey positive messages about Indonesia through your networks
    VIsit for more details.


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