I Can Not Help..

..feeling sad when I know those-certain-people can not make it to our next event. After series of absences we really hope that those-certain-people can make it. But unlucky we are, hope is only hope. Oh well, I should have known better that family comes first. But I can not help it to feel this way. I truly miss those-certain-people. And the thought of it makes me want to cry. *maapemaklebaymodeon*

T_T, and then I talked to mas via chat:

Yes he is right 🙂 I must be optimist.. Oh well, just another blabs on friday evening.. Nevermind this emak lebay.. Carry on people.. carry on.. 😛

4 thoughts on “I Can Not Help..

  1. Meta says:

    Aku tersindiiiir…soalnya selama ini berhalangan terus dateng ke acaranya Aghnan 🙁 maaf ya Nggi.
    Eh tapi ini bukan gw ya? hehehe kegeeran, hihi. Kan gw udah RSVP plus kayanya gw ngga segitu berartinya sampe dibikinin postingan khusus, hihi *”plak” ditampar Anggi* Eh lagi sedih kok gw becandain…maaf lagi, serius 🙂

    Cheer up dear, we’re gonna have fun at Aghnan’s party 🙂


    Mrs.Karimuddin Reply:

    Met loe kan datang waktu gw nikah, jd gw maafkan :p
    Makasih ya say :-* Ditunggu banget loooh..


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