Maybe Someday in His Future

Bukan maksud hati mendoktrinisasi atau mengatur pilihan hidup anak. Tapi hanya ingin memberikan inspirasi saja. Siapa tau yah. 🙂 Dream and inspiration can make something big. So maybe this can be one of your dream kiddo..


Dream big and aim higher kiddo!

2 thoughts on “Maybe Someday in His Future

  1. ananta jeumpa says:

    Amiiiinn Mbaaa..
    Saya pun punya mimpi (kalo ortu nya gak kesampean ya anaknya lah) sekolah disitu..
    Can we get big aamiin here?
    Oh ya having heard from the news that snow has reached waist high in Boston. Hope you and your family are safe there.


    Mrs.Karimuddin Reply:

    We’re okay here 🙂 Thanks yah 🙂


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