New York For Lady Liberty

Back to New York! but this time with the whole family.. 🙂 Actually, the time couldn’t be more wrong, because for that weekend, New York was super freezing. It’s even colder than Boston. And the wind was crazy. Your hand was like freezing instantly.. But that weekend was the last weekend before my dad went back to Indonesia and he was dying to meet lady liberty.. 🙂

We decided to take Amtrak to go to New York and we found a very nice new hotel near Penn Station. All of them were on request of my dad. We went on the earliest train to New York. Once arrived and checked into the hotel, we took the subway directly to 5th avenue.

First destination is The Plaza hotel for my dad and of course Apple Store in 5th avenue for hubby. Hubby said that it’s a mandatory pilgrimage for apple fanboy. Oh well. We took some pictures and almost took the horse carriage. But the price is super ridiculous. 😆 50 USD for 20 minutes ride. Yeah right 😆 So we decided to walk to Top Of the Rock at Rockefeller Center.


Iif you want to see the view of all New York you need to go to Top of The Rock. Indeed, Empire State is the tallest building in NY, but if you go to Empire state you can not take picture of New York view with Empire State on it, right? 🙂



Btw, I guess New York has the fastest and the most complex subway in the world. But it’s definitely not cleaner than Boston, the platform is too narrow and definitely not child (and stroller) friendly. So if you’re a mom and still have baby and toddler it is better you to stroll around the city with baby carrier. Or else good luck travelling with your light stroller. :Lol: Especially travelling with a toddler who has high curiousity with train. *lap keringat*

After Top of the Rock we stopped by Magnolia Bakery and bought some desserts. We tried its famous banana pudding. And it was very delicious!! Even Aghnan had one pudding by himself. We had Halal Gyro for dinner and went back to hotel to wrap up the day.



On the next day we went to see Liberty. Before going to Liberty we went to 9/11 memorial. We didn’t go inside complex since it’s required to take online registration prior the arrival. So we just took pictures of new WTC before off to go to our main destination.

Apparently the Liberty island was still closed (after Hurricane Sandy) and the only chance for us to see Liberty was using tour boat. It’s not ideal way to see Lady Liberty, but that was the best option we had. My dad was very happy because finally he was able to see Lady Liberty right in front of his eyes. The boat trip was nice and after that we went to Wall Street and took train to St Marcks Avenue to have some lunch.


I was dying to eat some Korean Food. Based on some reviews, there is this place call Han Joo who has the best korean BBQ in NY. The place was nice and the waitresses were very helpful. And the review was right, it was one of the best Korean BBQ ever! Its galbi was super yummm…


After lunch we went to Times Square. Took pictures and just enjoyed Times Square. We stopped by at Toys r Us and souvenir shop and went back to hotel to pack.

It was a mission accomplished for my dad. After 3 times visiting US, he’s able to finally meet Lady Liberty 🙂 We’ll see u again soon New York.. On Summer!

3 thoughts on “New York For Lady Liberty

  1. rina says:

    Salam kenal mbak, aku berencana jalan2 ke Boston-New York bulan April insyaAllah, Recommended ga (maksudnya apa masih terlalu dingin banget)? Kita juga ada toddler 2 tahun. Trus klo bole tau, Mb Anggi nginep di hotel mana. Naek Amtrak itu apa bisa bawa2 koper segala? Kita dari Idaho nih.. Rencana ikut tour trus pingin lanjut jalan2 sendiri gitu ehehehe..


    Mrs.Karimuddin Reply:

    April harusnya udah gak dingin ya mbak. Harusnya udah mulai masuk spring. Aku kmrn nginep si TRYP deket Penn Station. Hotelnya kecil tp strategies krn deket dr Penn Station and Metro. Dan kalo di Amtrak itu bisa bawa koper mbak. Walau lumayan jg kl gede ngangkut ke kompartemen atasnha 🙂


    rina Reply:

    Makasi ya Mb Anggi. Iya ni, kita renc cari hotelnya juga klo bisa deket station, biar gampang kemana2. Ok deh, insyAllah ku-cek hotel recommendation nya.


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