Charleston Navy Yard

Maybe this is the best time living in Boston. (Finally) An amazing weather (bye bye snow, puffy jacket and heavy boots) and I’ve finished probably the hardest two semesters in BU. So now, I can really really enjoy Boston. The best thing is, I will enjoy it with my loved one.. πŸ™‚ Yes, I’ve made another travelling plan. Some places and cities across East coast, Midwest and West Coast are to be visited, but this is the best time to enjoy Boston and live and breath like a Bostonian.

I think I’ve mentioned earlier that my decision to choose Boston was the best decision I’ve ever made. I met amazing new best friends, I loved my professors (they really inspire me) and Boston is such amazing amazing city. I love love love Boston very much. Probably just like Carrie Bradshaw love love love New York City very much, yeah this is how I feel for Boston. I am so glad that my family can experience living here. This definitely will be the most unforgettable experience for them. πŸ™‚Β So, bear with me. I will talk talk a lot about Boston. I want to preserve as much as I can about this city in this blog πŸ™‚

So Aghnan is a big fan of Jake the Pirate. And when he saw the cartoon he always pointed out that he wanted to go to Jake’s ship. Apparently, in Boston, there is an old war ship called the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) on Charleston Navy Yard. The best way to go there is using ferry from Long Wharf Pier to Charleston Pier or take green line T to North Station and then walk about 20 minutes. It will be very challenging if we travel on cold weather (because of the wind). So when the exams have been finished, and the weather is nice, I took Aghnan to see the old Ironsides. We went there using T and walk around 20 minutes to the Navy Yard.

Aghnan is amazing now. We rarely use stroller nowadays. He have strength to walk far with us.

When we reached Charleston Navy Yard, Aghnan was so excited. There are the Old Ironsides (USS Constitution), USS Cassin Young and USS Constitution Museum. The best part is there is no entrance fee, although the security is super tight, like airport security tight.

Let me tell a little bit story about this navy yard. This shipyard built, supplied, and maintained U.S. Navy vessels from 1800 to 1974. At its height, during World War II, the facility employed more than 40,000 people. Although it’s no longer an active base, it’s home to one of the most famous ships in the history of the United States, USS Constitution. Aghnan really really interested with the old Ironsides. πŸ™‚

Since it is part of the Boston National Historical Park, there is a ranger-guided tour if we wish to join.

in front of iron sides


Ahoy, it is Captain Aghnan!


Ayah and Aghnan

We spent almost 4 hours exploring the place. Aghnan was so happy. He pretend that he is Jack and that is his ship. He expressed loudly about becoming Captain Aghnan.. Haha enjoy kiddo.. πŸ™‚ We went to the museum for a while but Aghnan is too tired so we decided to go home using ferry boat. It was the best decision because it is not that hot and the view of Boston Β from the ferry boat is amazing.

Boston from Ferry Boat

We stopped by at Long Wharf and took T from Aquarium to went home. It was a lovely day and we’re looking forward to explore more about Boston! πŸ™‚

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