Union Oyster House, Green Walk and The Rest of North End

Memorial day this weekend, in combination with nice weather will only mean one thing. Bostonian will go out to enjoy the city. I always explore North End (one of the most iconic part of the city) with the girls, now it’s time to explore it with Ayah and Aghnan 🙂 Since I have this crave for seafood and I haven’t got the chance to eat the symbol of Boston (Lobster), I guess it will be nice to try something new. My first is Union Oyster House. One of the oldest tavern in America. This restaurant is really iconic, it is even part of the famous Freedom Trail. It is also tourist’s main attraction, so if you want to secure your seat in the restaurant it is better to reserve it first.

We went there for lunch and I’m glad I made reservation. Because even for lunch time people lining up to get seated. They still maintain their old style interior which is very New England in the 19th century 🙂 We seated on a booth near the Lobster aquarium 😆 . We decided to ordered Boiled Lobster with Coleslaw and French Fries, also Shrimp Scallop with rice and tomatoes. It is our first experience to eat Lobster and we were so excited 🙂 While we were waiting for the food they served us Corn Bread with Butter which is very very delicious. 🙂

Union Oyster House

When the food finally came, we were so impressed. It smelled delicious. The lobster was fresh, sweet and tasty. It is similar like shrimp but like gigantic shrimp. We ate it like we ate crab. But the champion is the shrimp and scallop. Oh my, it is really tasty. I had this pause moment to realize how good it was 😆 I had not had a chance to try the Oyster. Well, hopefully next time 🙂

The Lobster

Shrimp and Scallops

After our belly fueled, we went to Holocaust memorial right in front of the Union Oyster House. That is a memorial to remember the Holocaust during Nazi’s regime. We can read stories that is written on the memorial from the Holocaust survivor. And as usual, the stories about that was giving me chill.

Holocaust Memorial

We crossed to Hanover Street but we distracted with the greenery and fountain in the middle of the crossroads. Apparently that is part of the Green Walk. So they made this green park right in the middle of the traffic. And it crossed along to the North End. It is pretty awesome, especially for the city who has a lot of public garden. They still see the importance of green open public space which the people of the city can actually enjoy. A lot of people went sunbathing. Like a real sun bathing with bikini and stuffs. And it is in the middle of the city 😆 . The grass is green and bouncy. It is really nice to sit in and enjoy the ambiance. There is also fountain which kids can play. Aghnan was really happy. As usual, he always chatty and cheerful. He greeted several people that sit next to us and next thing I knew, he started singing in front of them. Hahahaha.. I don’t know where he got that for 😆





After a while, we went exploring the rest of North End. We stopped at Vittoria for their Tiramisu and Cappucino (best in Boston). And we walked to Paul Revere’s Mall. Another famous landmark in Boston. 🙂 North End is like Little Italy in Boston. Most of the immigrant from Italy is settled in this part of Boston. Along Hannover Street we can find a lot of Italian Restaurants and some of them are really really good. I really love love love Paul Revere’s Mall. There are fountain, park and even small playground. And there were opera street performance. The ambiance is really romantic. It tasted like Rome 🙂

Paul Revere's Mall


We walked further to the wharf near Hannover Street and passed this fire station. The garage door was opened, and Aghnan excited to see two of the fire trucks. He wants to climb the fire trucks. Thankfully, there were this super nice fireman. He saw how excited Aghnan, then he let us in to see the fire truck and also to take pictures. Aghnan had a blast. 🙂


At the end we had early dinner back in Faneuil Hall and walked across to Long Wharf to take T from Aquarium. Next we’re planning to go to Boston Tea Party Ships, Boston Children’s Museum and ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) 🙂

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