Boston Children’s Museum

Finally, a date with Aghnan at Boston Children’s Museum!! 🙂 I’ve heard wonderful things about this place from our (former) neighbor and I was dying to take Aghnan there. Unfortunately, until yesterday I haven’t found the right time to take Aghnan there. Since Ayah needed to go to New York yesterday, it’s only Aghnan and I that finally went there. We took the train to go to the museum. We stopped by at Park Street from Green Line, changed to Red Line and then aligned to South Station. The museum is located near the Financial District and adjacent to the Boston Tea Party Museum. It’s bright and sunny day with weather reached 31 degrees Celsius. Oh well, sooner than I expected, welcome summer in Boston!

The admission fee is 14 USD for adult and 1-15 years old children. It is not exactly cheap but if we come on Friday 5 pm – 9 pm the admission is only 1 USD.  Maybe we can try to go on Friday evening next time. We arrived around 11 am and not exactly lunch time, but I decided to give him lunch before we hooked up to the museum. Of course it didn’t go pretty well. Aghnan made this sour face while he munched his food. He said several times that he wanted to go home until reaching annoying stage 😆 it’s changed to opposite direction when we finally go inside the museum. The museum has three floors for visitors and we started from the first floor.

Boston Children's Museum

Our first stop is Science Playground. There’re three part in this section: Raceways, Bubbles and Investigate. Aghnan was really excited when he saw Raceways. There are several tracks that children can experience the effect of, like roller coaster, race track, skate boarding or even the water movement on sink; all using a golf ball. He tried all the tracks and he  looked both curious and excited. He totally forgot about me and busy playing with the tracks 😆


After Raceways we went to play Bubble in the next room. They provide apron for kids to avoid getting wet while playing with the bubbles. It was really fun but Aghnan got bored easily in this section and he asked me to check out  other part of the museum. We went to Kid Power section and he wanted to try the Climb, but it’s aimed for older children.

I took him to second floor then we spent a lot of time in Arthur and Friends section. The section recreates the world of Arthur and Friends in real form. There are kitchen, school, airplane, auditorium and clinic. Aghnan loved pretending and playing as a pilot 😆 He also loved pretending to be a chef in the kitchen 😆

Arthur and Friends

Next stop was Peep’s World, where children can play with water and sands. Aghnan played in the sands for a while and then we went to Playspace. Playspace is like small playground for 0-3 years old kids.

Last stop is in the third floor. Aghnan enjoyed playing in Construction Zone and the Global Gallery. There is bulldozer simulation in Construction Zone. There are also several play tables to simulate what people actually do in construction site.

Boston Children's Museum-003

We spent almost 5 hours in the museum and Aghnan had a great time. I really impressed with the museum. Children can actually learning by playing. I don’t know if there is any similar place in Indonesia. Maybe somewhere in TMII museum or Jogja’s Taman Pintar? Frankly I have no idea. It’s been a while since the last time I visited TMII’s museum and I’ve never gone to Taman Pintar in Jogja.

Definitely this is a place to go if you’re visiting Boston with your kids. This children’s museum is not the biggest in the US. My friend said that the children’s museum in Philadelphia is bigger than the one in Boston. There is also children’s museum in Chicago. I hope we can visit both children’s museum when we travel to both cities this summer. Can’t wait! 🙂

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