Big Joke

That is how I feel lately about this thing. And yes, somehow I repeatedly said to myself that eventough I still can not see it from my own eyes, maybe Allah said that this is the best path I should take for greater good.

Honestly, I feel uncertain. About everything regarding this thing. And it just made everything worse with people reaction. Some people are really nice by saying encouraging things and positive things (I love those people). Some people are just an ****** to say the thing I don’t want to hear (mostly negative things) and give me that certain look that makes me want to poke their eyeballs.

But then, let suck all the negativity that comes with it and recycle it to produce all that positivity. I just need to prove that I am a fighter and I can survive even in the coldest winter.

Thank God, I never let that thing define who I am. I have so many layers of definition that I am proud of.  And Alhamdulillah, my life is a blessing one to be grateful everyday. But still, I am intrigued to see where this thing will lead me to.

I am curious God. I just hope I can laugh myself through it and have the biggest laugh at the end.. 🙂