Indonesian will decide

One more day to go for Indonesia’s Presidential Election and it’s been a helluva campaign to go through. The good, the bad, the rumours, the lies, the break up, the make up, the black, the white, and all hell broke loose on the presidential’s campaign this year.

Our country is still young in “real democracy” and we still need to learn in politics. I believe we will continuously improve and this year’s election is a major learning curve for Indonesia. Most Indonesians believe that this year election’s will be pivotal for Indonesia’s future.

This year’s election will determine who will lead this nation in the next 5 years. Between those two candidates, there are strengths and weaknesses that has been exposed and it’s our duty to pick whoever well suited with our own preferenece.

I’ve never seen so many people (especially young people) care about the presidential election before. We used to be ignorant about politics because we used to think that whoever wins, Indonesia will stay the same. This year, the condition is different. People actually have faith that Indonesia will transform and we actually can do something to make that happen by voting our voice in the election.

So, pray for us my friend. Indonesian will decide our future tomorrow. No matter what happen, we are still one nation, one country, and one leader will lead us all. I just wish the best candidate win, also humanity and democracy in Indonesia will preserve. Amiin..

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