Our Story in Kuala Lumpur

The realization is finally happened.. Our family vacation, after almost 2 years we never really went holiday together, full team. Last year, only my parent and I went to Europe. We left my brother because he stuck in his freshman year at his new college.

We decided to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . It’s because my brother never went there before. I think Kuala Lumpur and Malacca is great for him. He can do some photo hunt to add in his portfolio. Oh yes, forgot to mention that my brother-soon-to-be-architect-and-photographer is really good at photography. My future pre-wed photographer. Ahahahaha.. 😉
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I Looovveee KL !!!!

Jam 9 pagi, tapi gw ngantuuukk buangeeet bo !! Cuman tidur 2 jam semalam.Gilingaaann juga sih..Cuman gpp lah. Last day of CAS !! Hix.. sedih juga ngebayangin bahwa kita udah ngabisin 2 minggu bareng2x. Trus Senin nanti udah balik ke negara kita masing2x dan udah mesti kerja lagi.

Pokoknya, it’s been such a great experience for me. I realize now, that our company is one truly global company. And it’s just such a great working and networking experience for me. Then.. what I learnt most in CAS is.. How to party hard and stay fresh in the morning !!.. Huahahahaha.. gak deng.. pokoknya bener2x belajar banyak. I’m really proud being part of this great firm.. (hahahaha.. brainwashing result.. :P) Nah.. kidding.. its true tough.. I’m really proud.. :D.
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Yes, I really Enjoyed this last 2 Weeks..

It’s been a while since I updated my last blog. When I went to London, it’s been quite an experienced.. I was scared.. But I didn’t feel nervous at all.. It’s all I really want..

Just thinking about London always makes me smile.. Smell of pine tree in English neighbourhood.. And the courtesy of the people who always say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Excuse Me’,’Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’.. Don’t forget magnificent places that I went on.. Bells of Big Ben, Pigeons at Trafalgar Square, Beefeater at Tower of London, Mummies at British Museum, Burger King at Leicester Square, Woman in White at Palace Theatre, Cute Guard at Buckingham Palace (hihihihihi..:P), nice shop at Marble Arch and covent garden, listened Daniel Powter’s song at Joi Buffet, Double Decker, Underground tube and also 4 Chimneys Avenue Hendon.. I miss all of those.. And I really want to go back again.. I hope I still got oportunity to go back to London..
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Nervous + Excited ? Totally !!!

What can I say ? Tomorrow I’m going to go to London… 😀 I Huhuhu.. But I haven’t finished packing.. My suitcase is still empty.. Huaaa.. :(( My coat is still in laundry.. And there are soo many stuff I haven’t packed yet.. Gee.. and it is already H-1.. Huaaaa.. And tomorrow I will take the first flight.. 6:20 AM.. Huhuhu..
Oh well, just hope that everything is gonna be ok.. Can not except more.. Just do my best lah.. 😉