Happy 6th Wedding Monthsary Dear Love..

Dear Love..

I can not believe today is our 6 months togetherness. It’s been quite a ride. And I really enjoy every minute of it. You don’t need to give me present anymore. Cause we already have this precious gift in our monthsary today. Our bundle of joy. And the symbol of our unity.. 🙂

God really give us that  gift in our best time. I feel truly blessed. And being with u every day, has made me the happiest woman alive. You are not the perfect man in the world. But you are perfect for me.

You shower me with love and affection everyday. You never give up on us and especially on me. You always bright up my days. You keep cheering me up when I’m down. And u never let any frown faces I make to create distance between us. You always pull me back to you and make us even stronger.

6 Fabulous MonthsI love u always dear Love. And I want to spend the rest of my live loving u and our little family. Happy  Monthsary love.. May God always bless and protect us and our little family.

Amiinn.. 🙂

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