Best of 2010

We guess the picture above tells everything. Yes my dear baby boy. You are our greatest gift that Allah has ever given.. You make this 2010 very special to us. Since you were born on 1 April 2010, you’ve changed our live. We love you to our bones and literally would die for you. You’ve given us joy beyond words could describe.

Even though your relationship with mommy in the beginning is not as smooth as we imagined, we must struggle in your early phase on breastfeeding, but we finally got through this together. And mommy can breastfeeding you exclusively. Alhamdulillah..

My dear baby boy. We understand that we far from being a perfect parent for you. We may not always know what you really want, but we try to give you the best on everything. Hopefully in 2011 (and so on), we can be the better parent for you and as one family we can embrace happiness even more than ever.

Just stay cute and happy! ^___^

Gazillion kisses from Mommy and Daddy :-*

This is Mr. and Mrs. Karimuddin..

Alhamdulillah.. We finally tied the knot on 14 February 2009.. And it’s official, that we become Mr. and Mrs. Karimuddin.

mr. and mrs. karimuddin

We just got back from our fabulous honeymoon at Bali. But we will tell u more about our story later. Now we still want to update our fantastic lovejournal because we have so many things to share and tell.. 🙂

honeymoon days

Just stay tune ok.. 😀