Another Morning @…..

Fufufu… another morning at office.. Well, I’m the first person arrive.. Huehehehe.. not suprise huh ? Well.. then.. just take my time over a glass of water.. Open all of my emails.., check friendster.. and of course.. my yahoo messenger..

Just realise that it’s already Thursday.. Wow.. the time definitely fly by.. I already got another unit to work through for today. And the deadline is tomorrow.. Huahaha… At least I have work to do.. Not doing another ‘boring’ self-study..

Yesterday, before I go to sleep.. I opened my old foto album. There are pictures of me when I was in Junior High School and of course.. my high school.. Huhuhu… high school.. (sigh..) my youth.. Huehehehe..:) Since in the early of the day I met my old friend from high school.. We had a nice chat about old times and what I was look like at high school.. Gladly.. I think I had much fun in the old days..

Well.. since it’s already Thursday.. and tomorrow is Friday.. Yay.. it’s weekend again.. Can’t hardly wait to spend my weekend at my lovely bed… I missed my pillow.. Don’t have enough time to spend with my pillow.. my bed.. my computer.. my candles.. my CDs.. my room… my family.. and of course.. my friends… We should hang out this weekend.. Gosh.. like I always said but I never take any action… Huehehehehe.. I’m working on it guys … 😀

It’s already 7:36 in the morning.. I guess I must start working.. (sigh…) Yeps.. another morning