In the corner of my room..

I just feel very tired.. I just received the news that I will go to the State next week. What ? Next Week ? Am I kidding myself ? Unfortunately.. I’m not kidding.. Well, my boss definitely serious for sending me to US next week.

I finally can set up an interview for US visa next Wednesday. Huff.. I feel like I lost my breath and I lost myself. Two days ago I just got back from Vienna. And then, the next day I went straight to Manila. I thought I can rest in here. But nope, unfortunately I can not rest in the next 7 days. I must prepare myself for the US visa interview. Only 4 days in Manila and I’ll go back to Jakarta. And if I got the visa, I will go to US on October 14.

Gosh.. it’s like neverending journey.. I like travelling, actually the correct word is I love travelling.. 🙂 But this situation is.. too much.. I will miss Lebaran.. I will celebrate Lebaran alone. Huhuhuhu.. 🙁 So sad.. I wish somebody can go with me. Well.. my friend said to me that there is always first time for everything right ? Yeps.. I experienced so many ‘first time’ recently.

I just want to take a good sleep.. But I also can not stop thinking.. It’s all happen in a rush.. I even can not catch my breath. But I’m grateful. It’s a very good opportunity for me. And I will take it and I will live it to the fullest.. 🙂 I’m gonna miss my family.. Definitely.. But.. I think My family and I come to a new era. We will separate for a while. But hey.. soon or later right ? Soon or later..

But I’m glad, I’ll come home to Jakarta next Monday. Hey.. Finally I can stay in Jakarta for more than one night.. Home.. I’m coming home now…