I finally know what I’ve been missed most in my life.. I finally know how to fill that empty spot in my heart.. Thank you for all the things You gave me.. I used to be blind.. But now, I truly understand my true love really is.. You are my true savior. I hope I can always Love You and Miss You forever and always, till the end of time.. Amien..

It’s been a while..

Well, honestly I don’t know what to say exactly right now.. I just want to write on my blog.. It’s been a while I guess.. 😛

It’s 10:00 PM now and I still not sleepy.. Listening to Runaway Train from Soul Asylum.. Hey, do you still remember that song.. Quite 90s I guess.. 😛 Well, in last few weeks my life is quite crazy.. It’s like riding roller coester.. One day I’m top of the world.. and one other day I felt like sinking slowly to the unknown deep.. What’s happening to me ? Honestly, I don’t know for sure.. It’s quite puzzling for me..
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