Misfit, Misused, Misplace,Mistake ??

Have u ever feel like u don’t belong anywhere ? Where you think that everything is going so well but you’re missing something.. Well, I do feel like that right now. And the worst part is.. You just feel so lost. Even in the crowd.. I feel so alone..

I admit that I’m truly a loner. I love being alone and watching people and just practically enjoying myself and enjoying who I am.. But something is different now. I think I must change something in my life. It’s time for to re-arrange my life. Try something new. Change my social calendar.. (like I had one.. hahahaha.. ;D) Well, at least I try to make something different in my life.. :).

But this week is quite fun. Well, I still continue my routine exercise.. 😀 Like I’m fitness geek. Almost everyday I hang out in the gym. Is not like I’m obsess or what, but suprisingly I’m quite enjoying it.. And my best friend Arie, he’s been in Indonesia since Thursday. We hang out and talked..talked..and talked.. Well, I guess I’m missing talking to him. Hehehehe.. 😀 It’s nice talking to him face to face, after almost more than one month we only talked via chat. I went to Bongki and Mela’s house also. I miss them.. 🙂 It’s nice talking to them. And hear what’s new with their life. I met Vita also. She has a lot of story. And I’m so glad I can catching up with her. Hmm.. I don’t feel misfit or misplace when I talked to them.. Hmm.. I wonder.. Am I comfortable with them ? I guess soo..

Well.. it’s not that bad after all. I’m making a lot of new friends. A real nice one also. Hope I can relax more and enjoy all the process.. I just want to keep moving on. And oh well.. I guess I know well what’s fit for me or not.. Just don’t push myself that hard to listen all people said about me. What the hell people said about me. I don’t give a d**n.. Hahahaha..

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