ZARA and Mandiri : the problem within..


Another problem I’ve got because of failure transaction using my ATM card. Last Saturday, I went to ZARA. I went shopping (of course). I kinda bored with the color of my cardigan, so I decided to buy another one, with pop-up color of course. After looked around. I decided to but green cardigan and another blouse (the blouse is 50 percent discount).

First I used my Mandiri debit card to paid. First swipe, it is said error on the machine display. So we tried another swipe. Second swipe, it still said error on the machine display. Humm.. I wonder why.. So I decided to use my credit card.

After that, I went to Mandiri ATM in the basement. There was trouble. We can not withdraw cash money, can not transfer or even paid bill. We can not use the ATM machine. I called 14000 Call Mandiri, and the customer service said there was trouble in their network. Umm.. ok..

Anyway.. the problem was not I realize sooner. After we had dinner, I tried to use Mandiri ATM near my house. It worked. The network is up, and I can transfered and paid all of my bills. And after I checked my last balance, I realize.. I lost some of my money. Huhuhu.. After I investigate with 14000 in the next morning, the customer service said that the swipes I made in ZARA caused the lost. So, the transaction is not valid in ZARA but the Mandiri side recognize that transaction. So my money is hang in the middle of nowhere.

I asked the customer services how to solve the problem. She said that I need to make some claim letter to the nearest Mandiri Branch and I also need letter from ZARA to claim that there was the transaction and after that the process need 45 days to work. WHAT THE F**K ?!?!?! Such a long..long..long..long..long..long..long..long..long..long.. long..long..long.. long.. procedure.. Crap !! It is their mistake. And because of that I need to follow that long..long..long procedure. I mean how come, one of the biggest bank in Indonesia have counter such a problem. Network problem..

After he calmed me down, we went to ZARA (again) on Sunday. The ZARA person is very helpful and he said that he will settle this problem with Mandiri and my money will be back on 2 weeks. Humm.. see the different?

But I still try to approach the Mandiri side. My fiancee tried to contact our friend in Mandiri. He was very helpful. He found the problem but he didn’t found my complain in 14000. So he can not solve my problem. He asked me again to report the problems to 14000, make sure that I mention my debit card number.

I called 14000 (again), and this time the customer service gave me the same answer that I must go to the nearest branch and bla..bla..bla.. Uuhh I got on my nerves. And after we debated quite a while, he mention fax option. Oh my GOD !! How on earth he didn’t mention that earlier. He said that I can fax my problems to him, with my signature on it and don’t forget to fax the copy of my ID card and my Mandiri Debit Card. It’s a lot..lot..lot simple right ?!?!

Uuh.. I already fax my problems and hope this thing will settle it as soon as possible. Why I’m being soo annoying ?!?! Because I’m a customer !! I want an excellent service.. It’s just the nature of customer.. Wehehehe.. 🙂

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