Jamie Cullum, London and Strawberry Ice Cream…

What is the connection between three things I mention before.. ? Well.. nothing I guess.. But those three things are something that I’ve been thinking lately.. Last Friday, I heard ‘Everlasting Love’ Jamie Cullum.. I never liked that song before.. I think it’s just one average song that is so not my type. But funny thing is, when I heard is last Friday, I just practically smile.. And that kinda smile of mine, when I heard something that tickle my heart, touch my heart in some funny way. And I tried to hear it again, and then I smile again. Suddenly I rush to buy Jamie’s CD.. And I heard all of the songs, and I think that guy is one of one talented people in music industry nowadays.. And he is now one of my favourite singer..:)

Same thing is happen when I heard about London and Strawberry Ice Cream.. Weird huh ? Well, that’s the way it is.. I always want to go back to London.. I think that city is one of my favourite city in the world (yeah right, like I’ve been to all of the cities in the world..:P) But, anyway.. I think London is like my second home for me. Remembering those old days, when I still lived in Manchester.. And once in a month me and my family went to go to London.. One thing I remembered is in London, I tasted my first Strawberry Ice Cream.. And that ice cream is very delicious.. I never liked Ice cream… But I always fall for Strawberry Ice Cream since then.. I guess, the strawberry factor that make me like it very much..

Those three things always make me smile.. And I just love it, thinking about that.. At least there still something that make me happy in a very unusual way.. Just like when you fall in love I guess.. Natural, Irrational and very important.. I guess..:P

Just can’t hardly wait to take my end of year vacation to London. Travelling abroad alone (without parents and not work kinda thing..;P) Seeing Big Ben, British Museum and also Covent Garden.. The smell of the street in London after rain.. And then walking in the street of London while listening to Jamie Cullum and also eating Strawberry Ice Cream.. Hmm.. sounds perfect right…? 😛