Surprise at Sushi Tei

We ate it completely off-guard. Never expected that the taste is gonna be that GOOD..

Introducing : Aburi Salmon Roll. It is soft shell crab, kani, cucumber roll with aburi salmon ( salmon half broiled), tuna floss and tobikko on top of the roll. They serve it with mayo sauce and unagi sauce as garnish of the sushi.

aburi salmon roll

The taste is SUPERB !!. Definitely, the tuna floss make the taste very unique and extra special. You guys should try it. Yumm..yumm.. It is really fun to try something new. Especially if it turned out very good and worth it. So, what’s next hun ?

4 thoughts on “Surprise at Sushi Tei

  1. Anggraini Widjanarti says:

    hi.. I never tried black pepper maguro before. Maybe I will try it on my next visit.. šŸ™‚ Thx for the suggestion..


  2. rifka says:

    iyah, itu enak banget!
    kalo temen gwe pesen pasti bilangnya : abu rizal !
    cobain lobster bawang putih mayonaise *gwe lupa nama dibukunya apa*
    itu juga dahsyats


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