I Desperately Need..

My Own Camera Digital… OK..OK.. I give up. I can not rely on camera on my handphone anymore. I need something that can produce great quality of pictures. Noo.. don’t persuade me to use Sony Ericsson. Noo.. I like SE, but all of my data is in Nokia platform. I hate it if I must transfer it manually.

So.. I decided to buy Camera Digital. Hmm.. I haven’t bought it yet. I’m going to buy it 😀 . And after full browsing in the internet. I think I fell in love with this Camera, Nikon CoolPix S7C.

Nikon CoolPix S7C

The design is very stylish and elegant. I love the black color of the camera. It will match with my other gadget. Ouwh.. how I love Black.

Ok, so Nikon CoolPix S7C it is. What ? What about Canon ? Owh my God people.. Don’t persuade me to use Canon. It’s a matter of religion for God Sake !! I happen to choose Nikon. Soo.. May God unite me with that beautiful Nikon CoolPix S7C.. Ameen.. 😀

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