I’m Grateful For..

  • my Islamic beliefs..
  • my loving parents who is still happily married after 25 years..
  • my wonderful husband who always loving me through good time or bad time.. Lafyu mas.. 🙂
  • my adorable friends, who always be my forever anchor and my betterhalfs.. 😀
  • my health.. *ayocepatsembuuuh… 😉
  • my job that gives me decent income and an opportunity for serving my great country Indonesia..
  • my cozy home, a fortress for my family and I..
  • my travelling experiences cause it open my eyes about the world..
  • Internet cause I can not imagine life without it.. Huehehehehe.. 😆
  • Google cause it help us to search almost everything in this world..
  • Twitter cause it gives us information faster than detik.com or kompas.com 😉
  • High Heels cause it gives woman confident while wearing it 😆
  • #indonesiaunite cause it gather the spirit anti terorism from young Indonesian.. KAMI TIDAK TAKUT..
  • and many more…

Overall.. I’m grateful for everything I have in my life..  🙂 The good part, the bad part, there’s always something to learn from it. Thank u God for everything You’ve given to us.. 🙂 Hope we can always remember to stay grateful to You.. Ameeennn..

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