I Demand The Twilight Remake !!

Huks.. Twilight the movie is kinda dissapointing for me. I don’t complain about the cast. I think Robert and Kristen acted pretty well. And yes, I think Robert is kinda handsome to be the-God-Like Edward Cullen. Hehehe I knew some of you may think that Robert is not handsome enough to be Edward Cullen, but handsome is relative right ? Hihihi.. Depends from whose point of view..

Anyway, the thing is I HATE THE MOVIE SCRIPT !! It’s so lame and I hate the way they directed the movie. Should have been a lot better. I even wonder, did they (the movie maker) actually read the book ? Huhuhu.. It suck you now..

I don’t like the soundtrack also. Rosalie should have been prettier than the one they cast for the movie. And the Cullens mansion should have been like long lost castle burried deep inside the forest. Not a modern house with minimalist style using wood. Arrrgghhh…

Huhuhu.. Please kindly remake the movie..And I hope when they make New Moon they will do it better. I do love Edward and Bella. Please note, I’m not crazy about Edward Cullen. I’m crazy about Edward and Bella, and I always crazy about my fiancee.. ^_^

3 thoughts on “I Demand The Twilight Remake !!

  1. rika wardhani says:

    yep….i do love Edward and Bella!!!NOT just Bella or just Edward even Robert and Kristen as a person…

    for me they act perfectly, even not as romantic as the novel which soooooo sweet n romantic for me, hihihi…

    Still, can’t wait for the next new moon movie…


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