Hello World Baby Ar!

It’s been a wonderful 9 months of pregnancy, and now it is time for the world to meet the newest addition in our little family, our pride and joy, baby Argentyo..

He was born at RSU Bunda Menteng and I will post about his birth story on the next post. We named him Teuku Argentyo Shailendra Karimuddin and we called him Argen.

The meaning behind his name is:

Argentyo: It came from the word Argentum and Tyo. Argentum is originated from the Greek word Argos that means “shining white, bright, glistening”. Tyo is originated from the Java word that means “the one that brings happiness and honour to its family”. So Argentyo means “the shining and the brightest that brings happiness and honour to its family”.

Shailendra: It came from Kawi word Syailendra that means “King of Mountains”. So apparently when I was pregnant with Argen I frequently had dreams about climbing mountains. In my dreams I felt that it was quite a challenge to climb a mountain, and when you reached to the top you will feel like you are the king of the world. So we named him Shailendra so he can conquering any obstacle that will come to his life and make it through to the top. 

Because we always said that name is parent’s prayer,  so we hope that Argen can be the shining and the brightest that will conquer any obstacle that will come to his life, master its obstacle to make it through the top and brings happiness and honour to its family. Aamiin.. 🙂

More stories to come about Argentyo. Right now I’m back in breastfeeding Argen, pumping my ASIP and just enjoying to have baby again! It’s been a while, and surprisingly we have a lot of fun here.. 

Wish us all the best!! 🙂  

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