Day Out With Thomas

Aghnan itu penggemar berat Thomas The Tank Engine. Semua tokohnya hapal. Siapa yang punya nomor berapa pun hapal. Sampe lagu-lagunya pun hapal. Pokoknya Thomas itu diantara yang lain (Sesame Street, Fire Truck) itu nomor satu deh. Waktu kapan iseng buka youtube, dan lihat ada video kereta thomas jalan dan bisa dinaikin sama anak-anak. Penasaran banget, google dan akhirnya nemuin event Day Out With Thomas: The Go Go Thomas Tour. Hahaha gw aja sebagai emaknya seneng banget, apalagi anaknya ya. Cek lokasi terdekat ternyata ada di Edaville, MA. Sekitar 1 jam kalau dari rumah kita. Harga tiketnya 20 USD/ orang dan itu sudah termasuk semua permainan yang ada di lokasi.

Kita set up tanggal, beli tiketnya online dan kita baru kasih tau Aghnan kira-kira 1 minggu sebelum D-Day.Anaknya sendiri waktu dibilang mau ketemu Thomas reaksinya kocak. Antara percaya gak percaya gitu. Dipikirnya Ayah Bunda nya ngibul kali ya.. 😆 But that’s ok, biarlah gak percaya biar pas ketemu benerannya makin melongo.. 😆
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The Fort and The Ocean

Another gem in South Boston. It is used to be a real Fort for English since 1963. Now it is a state park with playground and great open space for picnic with families or just relax to enjoy the weather.  There are several memorials also in there, like South Boston Korean War Memorial. The unique thing about this Fort that the shape is like pentagon (if we see it from above). We can see the ocean from the Fort, and we had a great day played in the playground and walked around the Fort. Aghnan really enjoyed playing in the playground. And somehow, he enjoy the swing set more than usual. Maybe the effect of the roller coaster from Six Flags still lingered. 😆
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Sixflags New England

Behold for all of thrill-seeker out there, this is the land of the roller coaster! 😆

Penggila roller coaster  kayak aku memang wajib naik haji ke Six Flags. Setelah ke Disneyland dan Universal Studios (Singapore, Osaka dan Orlando) boleh dibilang semua roller coaster yang ada disitu gak ada apa-apanya dibanding di Six Flags ini. Aku tau Six Flags dari salah satu acara di TV kalau salah satu roller coaster paling badass di Amerika ya adanya di Six Flags ini. Taman bermain Six Flags ini ada 18 tempat tersebar di Amerika. Dan kebetulan ada satu Six Flags di Agawam, MA. Kurang lebih 1,5 jam perjalanan naik mobil dari Boston. 🙂
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Boston Children’s Museum

Finally, a date with Aghnan at Boston Children’s Museum!! 🙂 I’ve heard wonderful things about this place from our (former) neighbor and I was dying to take Aghnan there. Unfortunately, until yesterday I haven’t found the right time to take Aghnan there. Since Ayah needed to go to New York yesterday, it’s only Aghnan and I that finally went there. We took the train to go to the museum. We stopped by at Park Street from Green Line, changed to Red Line and then aligned to South Station. The museum is located near the Financial District and adjacent to the Boston Tea Party Museum. It’s bright and sunny day with weather reached 31 degrees Celsius. Oh well, sooner than I expected, welcome summer in Boston!

The admission fee is 14 USD for adult and 1-15 years old children. It is not exactly cheap but if we come on Friday 5 pm – 9 pm the admission is only 1 USD.  Maybe we can try to go on Friday evening next time. We arrived around 11 am and not exactly lunch time, but I decided to give him lunch before we hooked up to the museum. Of course it didn’t go pretty well. Aghnan made this sour face while he munched his food. He said several times that he wanted to go home until reaching annoying stage 😆 it’s changed to opposite direction when we finally go inside the museum. The museum has three floors for visitors and we started from the first floor.

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Union Oyster House, Green Walk and The Rest of North End

Memorial day this weekend, in combination with nice weather will only mean one thing. Bostonian will go out to enjoy the city. I always explore North End (one of the most iconic part of the city) with the girls, now it’s time to explore it with Ayah and Aghnan 🙂 Since I have this crave for seafood and I haven’t got the chance to eat the symbol of Boston (Lobster), I guess it will be nice to try something new. My first is Union Oyster House. One of the oldest tavern in America. This restaurant is really iconic, it is even part of the famous Freedom Trail. It is also tourist’s main attraction, so if you want to secure your seat in the restaurant it is better to reserve it first.

We went there for lunch and I’m glad I made reservation. Because even for lunch time people lining up to get seated. They still maintain their old style interior which is very New England in the 19th century 🙂 We seated on a booth near the Lobster aquarium 😆 . We decided to ordered Boiled Lobster with Coleslaw and French Fries, also Shrimp Scallop with rice and tomatoes. It is our first experience to eat Lobster and we were so excited 🙂 While we were waiting for the food they served us Corn Bread with Butter which is very very delicious. 🙂
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