I’m Grateful For My Mom!!

My Mom is one of a kind in the world, and that’s why I love her dearly. Reasons why she is irreplaceable for me:

  • She’s a caring person. Not only to her family but also with people around her.
  • She’s treated everyone equally. Even the people is only servant in our house she can treat them just like her friend. She can talk, mingle and gossip without caring about their status.
  • She’s never comparing her children. She always understand her children. And she knows that every childs have their own stregth.
  • She has a unique power to protect her family. And the power of her prayer is always keeping us together.
  • She knows how to get close to her children. Since I was a teenager I found it very easy to talk about anything with her. The openess in her heart makes this possible.
  • I am what I am because of her. Whatever I have achieved, it is because of her continuous support. She always believe that I can do almost anything if I want to. She’s my number one supporter. I couldn’t imagine my world without her.

Even tough I want to add more reasons why I love my mom. But my eyes can not hold it anymore. It’s started to get teary when I think of her.
I hope  she always find happiness in her life. And I hope I can make her happy for the rest of her life.
I believe she’s going to be a great grandmom, just like she is now as our mother..

Happy mother’s day dear mom..

We love u so much..


your daughter, your son and your future grandson 🙂